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I have posted rather minimally during the past few weeks, especially since the election of Pope Francis. Silence is a gift from above. Anybody who knows me well knows that it takes a lot to keep me silent.

Since the Holy Father’s election, I have been flooded with e-mails and phone calls from friends all over the world, asking for my thoughts, my opinion, and sharing articles that speculate what this papacy will bring.

When Cardinal Tauran announced the name of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as our new pope, I fell silent. “Who?!” I had never heard of him and therefore never expected that he would be elected to the papacy.

I can only say that what unfolds in the weeks and months to come will be quite interesting to behold. The Holy Spirit has selected him to be Peter for us and he has asked us to pray for him. Surely, he is praying for each of us, even if he doesn’t know us by face or name. Let’s pray for him, as well.

Pope Francis’s life has changed drastically in a matter of minutes – and not just his name and wardrobe. The world is watching his every move. We’re all sizing him up with our favorite popes of recent memory. Is it fair to judge him? Would we want to be judged?

Let us remember Francis, the bishop of Rome. He has a lot to teach us, but we’ll never be able to hear unless our hearts and minds are ready and silent.