Gregorian Chant at the Pope’s Inauguration Mass

I did not wake up at 4:00 a.m. this morning to watch the Inauguration Mass of Pope Francis.  I decided that I could watch it “on demand” at any point during the day.  That’s exactly what I did.

While there are many people speculating about Pope Francis’s liturgical ideas and how much of Benedict XVI’s innovations will be “thrown out”, it needs to be acknowledged that the most of the music for this Mass came from the Church’s rich treasury of sacred music: Gregorian Chant.

It seems clear that Pope Francis himself is not a singer.  (He doesn’t chant the Mass, for example.)  However, one does not need to be a musician to appreciate good music.  We were spoiled, in that regard, by Pope Benedict XVI, in that he was an accomplished pianist with a strong love of classical music.

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3 Responses to Gregorian Chant at the Pope’s Inauguration Mass

  1. I think that his use of one linger definitely impedes him from singing and even saying prayers can lead him short of breath. The liturgy wasn’t bad and much better than under the tenure of entirely tone death Paul VI. I’m beginning to feel more confident about what Peter can do now….

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